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Our entire storybook collection is now available in one BIG package that saves you money! This bundle includes...


  1. The Land of Tashbah': 30 pages, Join Edju and Satakh as they travel to a magical realm inside their closet, where everything they imagine becomes reality! The perfect bedtime story for family bonding and laughter. File Size: 20.81 MB (megabytes)
  2. I know U Do: 30 pages, This poetic book follows a mischievous little girl and her dearest parents who love her just the way she is. File Size: 2.6 MB (megabytes)
  3. Father Why: 42 pages, Being afraid of the dark can be hard, considering night comes every day. However, one lucky boy with his father’s help learns why sleeping in the dark is okay, and why it’s the best way. File Size: 12.16 MB (megabytes)
  4. Mommy Why: 30 pages, As a parent, many times the simplest questions are the hardest to answer, such as mommy what is hate? Or what causes jealousy? However, this mommy knows just what to say and teaches her daughter the right way. File Size: 10.02 MB (megabytes)
  5. Muldad Please Do My Hair: 38 pages, Unlike any other story you’ve read before, Muldad Please Do My Hair encourages little girls to love their natural hair in an adventurous way, and showcases the beauty of self love. File Size: 23.26 MB (megabytes)
  6. Wahu Athu Thalu Rabu-tat: 54 pages, Four siblings must save the earth from an alien invasion! Unlike any other, Wahu Athu Thalu Rabutat encourages children to pursue their interests in S.T.E.M. & teaches them we must all work together in order to save those we love‬. File Size: 7.06 MB (megabytes)
  7. Bloop Blomp Burp: 22 pages, While playing famers, three siblings accidentally grow a plant that speaks, named Bloop Bloop Burp from the Bop galaxy! File Size: 11.47 MB (megabytes)
  8. The Golden Spiders of The Night: 22 pages, A young prince must climb to the heavens to save his father’s life, in search of the golden spiders of the night. File Size: 14.13 MB (megabytes)
  9. The Grump Frumps: 32 pages, The Grump Frumps story is a tale all should know, about little grump frump beings unseen that makes us do mischievous things. The Grump Frumps story teaches children how to prevent bad behavior and why it’s better to just be nice. File Size: 6.03 MB (megabytes)

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