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Our ENTIRE STORE is now available in one BIG package! Including all of our Cartoons, Science Books, Comics, Storybooks, Activity Books and Graphic Novels to date! 

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This bundle includes...


  1. Black History Animated: True stories of black history you need to see! Including- 9 Episodes, 2 Music Videos. Nearly 2 hours of animation! File Size: 3.6 GB (gigabytes)
  2. Lah'aj Kids Go To The Market: Learn Mis’bat’iya alphabet, numbers & more! Including- 5 Episodes, 1 Holiday Special, 4 Music Videos. 21 minutes of animation! File Size: 505.5 MB (megabytes)
  3. Mazraa' & Me – Attack of The Freezies: A little girl and her magical cat must battle frigid monsters to save her family’s garden from destruction! Includes 1 animated mini movie, 11 minutes, File Size: 255.7 MB (megabytes)

Science Books...

  1. The Little Learners: Atoms: 30 pages, For this topic we discuss the basic units of life, & teach children how Atoms are the building blocks of existence. File Size: 5.5 MB (megabytes)
  2. The Little Learners: Colours: 20 pages, For this topic we discuss the spectrum of visible light, and how our eyes perceive colours. File Size: 3.7 MB (megabytes)
  3. The Little Learners: Sunshine: 15 pages, For this topic we discuss earth’s atmosphere, & how colliding particles changes the appearance of the sun! File Size: 3.1 MB (megabytes)
  4. The Little Learners: Senses: 20 pages, For this topic we discuss How all 5 of our senses equal one! File Size: 3.3 MB (megabytes)
  5. The Little Learners: DNA: 25 pages, For this topic we discuss how 4 base pairs in our DNA are what makes us human today! File Size: 4.2 MB (megabytes)
  6. The Little Learners: The Universe: 24 pages, For this topic we discuss how pockets of fog formed our universe and the sun! File Size: 4.3 MB (megabytes)
  7. The Little Learners: Planets: 23 pages, For this topic we discuss how energy spheres propelled from the sun form planets! File Size: 4.3 MB (megabytes)
  8. The Little Learners: Language & DNA: 17 pages, For this topic we discuss how the language you speak can alter your DNA. File Size: 3.1 MB (megabytes)

Kid Comic Books...

  1. The Adventure of Edju Edju: 18 pages, Edju and her friend’s world is flipped upside-down when a gecko they captured leads them to the underworld! Together they learn the valuable lesson of freedom and to respect all life. File Size: 7.73 MB (megabytes)
  2. Cho-Cho The Beetle Boy: 26 pages, Cho Cho can transform into a beetle! When an unexpected rescue mission goes awry, Cho Cho and his buggy friends must save the day! This comic teaches friendship and compassion. File Size: 12.56 MB (megabytes)
  3. Thalu: 30 pages, When an evil dragon threatens their school, three butt kicking siblings with the help of their dearest friends work together to save the day! Thalu teaches children unity and how to overcome their fears. File Size: 15.23 MB (megabytes)
  4. Pootalight: 30 pages, When a mysterious robot is uncovered in the park, 5 kiddie detectives team up to find its home. This jam-packed comedy teaches children problem solving and unity. File Size: 23.26 MB (megabytes)


  1. The Land of Tashbah': 43 pages, For this topic we discuss the basic units of life, & teach children how Atoms are the building blocks of existence. File Size: 20.81 MB (megabytes)
  2. I know U Do: 32 pages, This poetic book follows a mischievous, cheeky little girl, and her dearest parents who will always love her just the way she is. File Size: 2.6 MB (megabytes)
  3. Father Why: 42 pages, Being afraid of the dark can be hard, considering night fall comes every day. However, one lucky boy with his father’s help, learns why sleeping in the dark is okay, and why it’s the best way. File Size: 7.1 MB (megabytes)
  4. Mommy Why: 32 pages, As a parent, many times the simplest questions are the hardest to answer, such as mommy what is hate? Or what causes jealousy? However, this mommy knows just what to say and teaches her daughter the right way. File Size: 0.6 MB (megabytes)
  5. Muldad Please Do My Hair: 40 pages, Unlike any other story you’ve read before, Muldad Please Do My Hair encourages little girls to love their natural hair in an adventurous way, and showcases the beauty of self love. File Size: 28.4 MB (megabytes)
  6. Wahu Athu Thalu Rabu-tat: 58 pages, Four siblings must save the earth from an alien invasion! Unlike any other, Wahu Athu Thalu Rabutat encourages children to pursue their interests in S.T.E.M. & teaches them we must all work together in order to save those we love‬. File Size: 13.8 MB (megabytes)
  7. The Grump Frumps: 34 pages, The Grump Frumps story is a tale all should know, about little grump frump beings unseen that makes us do mischievous things. The Grump Frumps story teaches children how to prevent bad behavior and why it’s better to just be nice. File Size: 21.8 MB (megabytes)

Graphic Novels & Teen Comics...

    1. KADUMIYA Book 1- 29 pages, In a distant solar system, an advance civilization of Mukhmenu must save their home planet from malevolent reptilians. Can the Mukhmenu win, when their enemy has incarnated within? File Size: 19.04 MB (megabytes)
    2. KADUMIYA Book 2- 43 pages, An exiled prince seeks asylum within Kadumiya 8, yet with him comes wicked powers that could change time and fate. Could this mean the end of the Mukhmenu race? File Size: 29.19 MB (megabytes)
    3. KADUMIYA Book 3- 46 pages, When pain unveils hidden strength within broken men, can they commence the downfall of the defectors within? File Size: 27.43 MB (megabytes)
    4. Raah'ub.aat Old Friend- 21 pages, Em Shai and her best-friend made a pact to marry each other in the future. Yet, as luck would have it, he moved out of town shortly after, never to be heard of again. Until 5 years later, when his family suddenly came back. The only problem is– he’d forgotten all about their marriage pact! Will love blossom once again or will they forever remain just friends?  File Size: 28.2 MB (megabytes)

Activity Books...

  1. Black History Fun Activity Book: 90 pages, File Size: 17.54 MB (megabytes)
  2. Lah'aj Kids Big Activity Book: 240 pages, File Size: File Size: 33.58 MB (megabytes)
  3. Templebabies Fun Coloring Book: 36 pages, File Size: 15.55 MB (megabytes)

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