Kadumiya Comic Bundle

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Traverse to the world of KADUMIYA, where a melanated race must save their people from evil reptilians who seek to destroy them. Can the Mukhmen.u win, when their enemy has incarnated within? Download KADUMIYA to find out with our new vibrant download package! Including all 3 books!

Book 1- A spell of obedience catapults a twist in fate, when a wicked imposter initiates the end of the Mukhmen.u race. 29 Pages, Full Color.

Book 2- An exiled prince seeks asylum within Kadumiya 8, yet with him comes wicked powers that will change time and fate. 43 Pages, Full Color.

Book 3- When pain unveils hidden strength within broken men, can their union commence the downfall of the defectors within? 46 Pages, Full Color.

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Written & Illustrated by Yamartat Ta
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