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Collecting our entire kiddie comic collection is now 100x easier! By downloading PDF you save a whopping $24!  Your child  will read, laugh and soar with joy, while learning the value of friendship and unity thru adventurous stories! Download Today!

This PDF Bundle includes…

Cho Cho the Beetle boy- teaches friendship and compassion.

PDF, Full Color, 26 Pages

The Adventures of Edju Edju- teaches the value of all life.

PDF, Full Color, 18 Pages

Thalu- teaches unity and overcoming your fears.

PDF, Full Color, 30 Pages

Pootalight- teaches problem solving and unity.

PDF, Full Color, 30 Pages

PLEASE NOTE: PDF Downloads are available immediately, once the purchase is complete the link for the PDF download will be available on the receipt, and in the invoice in your email (also check your junk mail). This is an automated process if you have any issues contact us and we will resolve it. Thank you! 🙂


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