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Collecting our entire kiddie comic collection is now 100x easier! Your child  will read, laugh and soar with joy, while learning the value of friendship and unity with these adventurous stories! This download Bundle includes...

Cho Cho the Beetle boy- Cho Cho is a unique boy who can transform into a beetle! When an unexpected rescue mission goes awry, Cho Cho and his buggy friends must save the day! This comic teaches friendship and compassion. PDF, Full Color, 26 Pages

The Adventures of Edju Edju- Edju and her friend's world is flipped upside-down when a gecko they captured leads them to the underworld! Together they learn the valuable lesson of freedom and to respect all life. PDF, Full Color, 18 Pages

Thalu- When an evil dragon threatens their school, three butt kicking siblings with the help of their dearest friends work together to save the day! Thalu teaches children unity and how to overcome their fears. PDF, Full Color, 30 Pages

Pootalight- When a mysterious robot is uncovered in the park, 5 kiddie detectives team up to find its home. This jam-packed comedy teaches children problem solving and unity. PDF, Full Color, 30 Pages

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